Focus on what you want to GAIN instead of what you want to lose.

Can’t steal Second…

A few quotes have really resonated with me  long before my transformation and again through my transformation in not only becoming a Group Fitness Instructor, but also with starting my own business and persuing my Health Coach Certification.   One of those quotes is “You can’t steal second, if you don’t take your foot off first”.  I can’t speak for what those words meant to the person who said them, but to me it was always a way of saying you can’t go further in life if you are too scared to take a chance.  Sure you could get thrown out, but you could make it too and you would never know if you don’t take your foot off the base and go for it.  It’s not easy, and it didn’t come easy for me either.  I can promise you that quote went through my mind for years before I took my foot off first.  We have so many obligations and responsibilities as well as security blankets in our lives that as we get older we tend to talk ourselves out of taking risks.

Another one is” Don’t let the time it takes to achieve your dream, hold you back from trying.  That time is going to pass anyway.”  Who cares if it’s going to take years to reach your goal, God willing you are going to have those years here anyway.  Why not do something that fulfills you?

And the third that has actually inspired and moved me at the same time was written on the back of a T-shirt that I got from my brothers Regatta in Tampa long before I ever moved here is “Victory waits not at the finish line, but in the sheer determination of the human soul.”  It doesn’t matter how long it took you to cross the finish line.  It means the world that you tried.

This is my victory, sharing this time with you.  It sure took me a long time to get here, but I couldn’t be happier.  My goals are still out there: Encourage those who have dreams or ideas in their heart.  Support those trying to get fit and making themselves a priority without judgment from anyone else.  And help even one person realize they can achieve anything and they don’t have to do it alone.  I look to create an environment of hard work, great results with fun and encouragement along the way.   And I’m glad you are on this journey with me.  Near or Far, we can all support each other.


As the new year starts, it goes without say that we all do a little soul-searching or perhaps a critique of ourselves.   Maybe we feel it’s time to reinvent ourselves.  But reinvention to me is a bit different then creating a “new” you.  We all look for opportunities to recreate ourselves or grow, but no matter what your situation, I don’t think there is a need to be a NEW you.  Perhaps an evolved you would be a better approach. “You” are not your weight on a scale or the size of your jeans.  You are a beautiful, caring and dedicated woman.  Just probably dedicating all of your time to everyone but yourself.  How about instead of looking for a “new” you, you spend time loving and cultivating the woman you are and see how and where changes happen then.  Resolve to take better care of yourself, make time for yourself, find something that fulfills YOU.  Don’t focus on numbers.  Be mindful of how you are treating yourself and your body.  Get in tune with yourself and your body and see your current YOU in a whole new light.  Feel free to share how you will try to evolve this year.  I’ll share mine next week.

Have an Insane Fun Weekend!


No Gain Holiday Campaign!

Kicking off November 1st is IFG’s No Gain Holiday Campaign where we will work together as a group to keep ourselves fit and healthy during this season of wonderful celebrations and some chaos.  Classes will be lead in the same manner and be filled with the same fun workouts we’ve been doing along with some new fusion moves.  Also, each Insane Fit Girl will get a Fitness Journal to keep track of their workouts and their nutritional intake.  It’s not about counting calories, but about making sure you are getting the nutrition you need as you incorporate workouts and begin to take on busier days.  It’s easy to grab something in the drive thru and it’s not the end of the world, but if you noticed you didn’t have any fruit or vegetables, it will help guide you to more nourishing food choices.  Almonds, Greek Yogurt, hard-boiled eggs are all easy protein choices that can fuel you in a moments notice and keep your metabolism up.  Remember, exercise is only half the equation. Good nutrition will give you the energy you need to be successful.  That’s where your Journal will keep you on track.

You don’t need to live local to join the No Gain Campaign.  I will email you the exercise program for the week along with the journal and you will have access to the same support and communication with me as the local Insane Fit Girls.  Contact me and I will get you started.

I look forward to working with you to get through the Holidays stronger then ever.

Have an Insane Fun Week!


First Class Fun!

Way to go Ladies!  I had such a good time working out with you all yesterday!  We had a nice group of ladies at different fitness levels and you all did great.  Those Planks have my abs feeling good today. 🙂  Get ready for some more fun on Thursday when we add more endurance and booty work.  We’ll give our upper body a rest as we recoup from the strength work we did yesterday. Remember to keep drinking water and throw in a stretch or 2 whenever you can.  You’ll probably be feeling it more today, especially this morning since you’ve had a good nights sleep.  Keep moving and stretching and you’ll work out the stiffness in no time.  If your chest is sore from the push ups, grab hold of the corner of a wall behind you, shoulder height and press your body flush to the wall.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Do the same with the other arm.  

Looking forward to seeing more ladies on Thursday.  Remember your first class is free so that you can come give Insane Fit Girls a test ride.  We strive to empower all women through fitness and friendship. 

Have an Insane Fun Day!  See you here or at the park tomorrow.

About 4 years ago my youngest daughter who was 7 at the time, was told she couldn’t have fruit roll ups any more because of the damage they were doing to her teeth.  As silly as it may sound, that’s a tough request for a 7-year-old, but she since she hated the dentist, she figured she’d give up fruit roll ups in hopes of not having to see the dentist again any time soon.  As we were leaving the dentist I had a revelation.  As an avid hard-core soda drinker-we’re talking an equivalent of 2 Big Gulps a day, I had to give up something that was destroying my body.  If I was asking my 7-year-old to give up something she really enjoyed to better her health, shouldn’t I do the same thing?  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping the extra pounds I was carrying around would melt right off in the process given the amount of sugar I was consuming.  The weight did not come off right away and I was beginning to think “why bother”, but then I realized Read the rest of this entry »

Insane Fit Girls was created to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of all ages and fitness levels to reach their healthy living goals.  As women we really need to stop focusing on what we want to lose and start focusing on what we want to GAIN.  Being healthy is most important.  The number on the scale will change when we turn our focus to the positive choices we make instead of depriving and criticizing ourselves.  Chose to say “I don’t” rather than “I can’t” and you will start to see your mentality change to power instead of restriction.  I hope you learn something new every time you visit. We’ll discuss the latest fitness trends,  what nutritionist are saying about vitamin D or whatever it is you need to find YOUR link to fulfillment.  Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, goals and pictures.

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