Focus on what you want to GAIN instead of what you want to lose.

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Little changes make a big difference.

About 4 years ago my youngest daughter who was 7 at the time, was told she couldn’t have fruit roll ups any more because of the damage they were doing to her teeth.  As silly as it may sound, that’s a tough request for a 7-year-old, but she since she hated the dentist, she figured she’d give up fruit roll ups in hopes of not having to see the dentist again any time soon.  As we were leaving the dentist I had a revelation.  As an avid hard-core soda drinker-we’re talking an equivalent of 2 Big Gulps a day, I had to give up something that was destroying my body.  If I was asking my 7-year-old to give up something she really enjoyed to better her health, shouldn’t I do the same thing?  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping the extra pounds I was carrying around would melt right off in the process given the amount of sugar I was consuming.  The weight did not come off right away and I was beginning to think “why bother”, but then I realized (more…)


Welcome to Insane Fit Girls!

Insane Fit Girls was created to inspire, motivate, and encourage women of all ages and fitness levels to reach their healthy living goals.  As women we really need to stop focusing on what we want to lose and start focusing on what we want to GAIN.  Being healthy is most important.  The number on the scale will change when we turn our focus to the positive choices we make instead of depriving and criticizing ourselves.  Chose to say “I don’t” rather than “I can’t” and you will start to see your mentality change to power instead of restriction.  I hope you learn something new every time you visit. We’ll discuss the latest fitness trends,  what nutritionist are saying about vitamin D or whatever it is you need to find YOUR link to fulfillment.  Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, goals and pictures.

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