Focus on what you want to GAIN instead of what you want to lose.

First Class Fun!

Way to go Ladies!  I had such a good time working out with you all yesterday!  We had a nice group of ladies at different fitness levels and you all did great.  Those Planks have my abs feeling good today. 🙂  Get ready for some more fun on Thursday when we add more endurance and booty work.  We’ll give our upper body a rest as we recoup from the strength work we did yesterday. Remember to keep drinking water and throw in a stretch or 2 whenever you can.  You’ll probably be feeling it more today, especially this morning since you’ve had a good nights sleep.  Keep moving and stretching and you’ll work out the stiffness in no time.  If your chest is sore from the push ups, grab hold of the corner of a wall behind you, shoulder height and press your body flush to the wall.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Do the same with the other arm.  

Looking forward to seeing more ladies on Thursday.  Remember your first class is free so that you can come give Insane Fit Girls a test ride.  We strive to empower all women through fitness and friendship. 

Have an Insane Fun Day!  See you here or at the park tomorrow.


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